Fauchon L'Hotel Paris



How Fauchon incorporates tea into the guest experience.

Auguste Fauchon, the founder of the legendary Fauchon brand, was known for his incredible selection of tea. Not only did he import the finest teas from around the world, but, as a result of an agreement with Air France, he was able to import amazing fruits which he then used to create fruit-infused teas.


At the Fauchon L’Hotel Paris, guests can experience tea in so many ways. Many of the welcome libations for arriving guests feature tea. There is the afternoon tea and then at any time of the day or night, guests might order an iced tea, which is usually a themed tea of the day and features quite an amazing presentation. And after a spa treatment, guests can complete the experience with a fruit-infused tea and macarons.

Additionally The Grand Cafe Fauchon features a number of tea-infused cocktails.