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​JC Communications is launching the first-ever subscription service for companies in the hospitality, travel, and food industries!

We recognize many hotels and resorts, tour operators, travel-related businesses, restaurants, and food products and services either don’t have a need or don’t have the budget for an annual PR agency retainer. But that doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t be able to have access to or benefit from an award-winning PR agency with 30+ years of experience in hospitality and travel PR!


So we’ve designed an exciting new subscription plan which supports you when and where you need it most. This subscription program is ideal for those who:

Can use the expertise and support of a PR agency to help guide them in their own internal PR efforts.


Only have something newsworthy to send out to the media once, twice, or at most a few times a year.


Want to be able to have an experienced agency who has great media relationships and knows what the media want to write about pitch their brand to journalists for appropriate opportunities throughout the year.


Would love to have an hour or more a month/quarter (depending upon which plan you select) to just pick up the phone and chat with an experienced PR expert to get guidance on how they should be promoting their property, bounce ideas off of them, and even get a curated media list for your local city.


Can’t get an official budget line item passed for PR services so they want to be able to charge affordable PR services to their company credit card.

How It Works






Pick the tier of services which fits your budget and your needs.

You must subscribe to a specific tier for a minimum of one quarter (three months) and pre-pay for that quarter in advance prior to the start of your subscription.

At the end of each quarter you can upgrade to a higher level to meet your needs for more PR support; downgrade to a lower level if you feel you don’t have any needs for a big activation but still want to get access to our support library or have your property pitched out to journalists who may be writing about your city, state, or style of property or the amenities you offer; or cancel your subscription until you have the need for it again.

You benefit from all of the services and expertise in the tier you have subscribed to and will definitely up your PR game for the coming quarter and beyond.

**Note: this subscription service is not applicable to current retainer clients of JC Communications.




    Every 3 months
    You manage PR efforts in house, but can use some professional guidance on how to be more effective.
    • On-Demand Library of “How To” Tools
    • Access to Press Release Templates
    • Story Pitch Tip Sheet
    • Review of One Press Release Written By Subscriber
    • 1:1 Office Hours: One One-hour Call Per Quarter
    • Subscription to #Trending Newsletter

    Every 3 months
    You don’t have a large PR budget, but would love to get access to story pitching and some writing.
    • Everything included in TIER ONE plus:
    • Inclusion in Story Leads Pitching
    • One Copywriting Project: Two-page Document (max 1,500 words)
    • 1:1 Office Hours: Two One-hour Calls Per Quarter

    Every 3 months
    You need help to get an important announcement out once in a while as well as advice and PR tools.
    • Everything included in TIERS ONE and TWO plus:
    • Bi-monthly Group Press Release Inclusion for Promotion
    • Writing and Distribution of One Press Release
    • Two Media Lists Prepared
    • 1:1 Office Hours: Three One-hour Calls Per Quarter
    • Journalist/Influencer Vetting (25 individuals per quarter)

    Every 3 months
    You need professional help with a PR activation a few times a year and would love agency support.
    • Everything included in TIERS ONE, TWO, and THREE plus:
    • One PR Activation*
    • 1:1 Office Hours: Four One-hour Calls Per Quarter
    • Journalist/Influencer Vetting (50 individuals per quarter)

* One PR Activation for Tier Four (press release, story pitching, etc.) which can include:

  • Themed suite announcement

  • New restaurant or new menu launch

  • Individual press stay coordination or press trip coordination for a renovation or new facility.

  • Other significant news announcement which requires more than a press release drop.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

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