Fauchon takes hotel check-in to an entirely new level.

Arrive at the Fauchon L’Hotel Paris — most likely after an overnight flight if you are coming from the US — and you will be greeted with an experience that transforms hotel check-in to an art form.


From the second you have stepped through the hotel’s doors, your bags are collected and you are quickly ushered into the Library right off the lobby. Once you have been comfortably seated, you are welcomed with the libation of the day and a selection of macarons.


It’s truly an incredible way to decompress from the rigors of traveling and take a breath. Since all of the paperwork has been handled electronically prior to your arrival, guests need simply flash their passport and then when ready, they are escorted to their guest room or suite. If their accommodations are not yet ready, the hotel might also offer them a complimentary 30-minute massage in the Carita Spa until their room is ready.