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If You Don't Have A Clear Vision Of Your Target, You'll Never Reach It

Who Is Your Target Audience? Get Clear On That And Marketing Activities Become That Much Easierg

I know the title sounds simplistic, but when it comes to business, many companies have absolutely no sight of their target audience and then wonder why they aren't able to reach it.

While my consulting practice is centered around providing marketing services, what I find truly sets me apart in the marketplace is the fact that I spend a great deal of time counseling clients in helping them to get clear about their business — what they think they do or want to do, who their target audience is, and what they need to do in order to make the business and the target audience successfully match.

Quite often, companies set off on a marketing quest and want to forge ahead writing or revising website content, conducting email marketing, engaging in social media, doing PR, etc., without actually having a laser-focused picture of who they are in business and who their target audience is.

Clarity is the most important aspect of a successful marketing campaign -- and for a successful business overall. Be clear. Be REALLY clear. And the rest will follow.

I recently spoke with a woman who was a travel agent affiliated with one of the country's leading luxury travel agency consortiums. She also spent an inordinate amount of time on social media -- doing Instagram takeovers for hotels, sharing travel photos, and blogging on her website about vacations and destinations. She wanted to build her travel agency business and get more clients and yet she was spending her time being a blogger and social media influencer. What business are you in I asked her? And more importantly, what business do you want to be in? She wanted to be a travel agent she told me -- one that planned high-end travel for high net worth clients.

She was finding that the people who reached out to her on social media aspired to travel to the places she posted about, but yet they had no financial ability to travel there now. Her target travel agency clients were high net worth individuals but yet the forum in which she was trying to reach them (posting on Instagram) didn't really mesh with where her target audience spends their time. Were CEOs really wasting hours on Instagram reading her posts? She wasn't getting business from all of her social media and blogging efforts. So why did she do it? Because she had a background in social media. She wasn't clear, at all, what business she really wanted to be in and it showed. Her marketing efforts were muddied and not producing the results she wanted. She has since decided to take a step back and revisit her business plan.

As a business owner or someone who wants to launch a business, you have to be crystal clear about what it is that you offer, what kind of business you want to be in, what kind of client you want to serve, and what sets you apart before you engage in any type of marketing effort. If not, the website copy, email, social media post, press release, etc. is going to be confused, muddied, and unclear, and you ultimately will not see any return on your investment.

One of my unique talents is my ability to ask questions. To dig deep and find what it is that entrepreneurs really want to do. What services do you want to offer? What sets you apart? Who are you? And why would someone want to do business with you?

Clarity is the most important aspect of a successful marketing campaign -- and for a successful business overall. Be clear. Be REALLY clear. And the rest will follow.

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