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How To Engage Your Customers 101

Customer Engagement Is Everything. Make Customers Want To Do Business With You.

If you're reading this article, it's probably because you're having an issue engaging customers. I get that. They aren't responding to your email marketing like you thought they would. They're clicking through from social media or digital ads to your website, but they're not staying on your site long or aren't converting to a sale. It's almost the end of 2017 and you have just a few weeks left to hit your sales target for the year. Now what?

Did you notice that I just created a relationship with you? I made a connection. I showed you that I understood your challenges. I know what keeps you up at night. I feel your pain points and your frustration. And I'm going to help you solve this issue.

This is how you create engagement.

All too often companies spend the valuable 30 seconds or few minutes they have with a potential customer telling them how great they are. You boast about awards, how fast your car is, how your product is better than the others, bWant to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. ut you don't really create a connection with your target customer and give them a reason to want to interact with you. You don't let them know that you've created this product to help them in some way better themselves or their life. In this crazy busy world, that's what they want to hear. How you can make some aspect of their daily work or personal life just a little bit better.

Now if I started off this article telling you I was a great brand storyteller who has worked for this and that client, you probably would not have read this far. Who cares right? But what I did instead was create a relationship with you by telling you that I understand the challenges you are having with your marketing. Now you have relaxed a little. You are a little more open. You sense that I might have an answer to your problems and you could be interested to learn what it is that I have to sell.

If I continued to provide additional information on how my product or service can transform your life in some way -- more energy, a healthier pet, more free time, lower fat content, a more relaxing vacation, more value for your money, a more effective sales process, then I am speaking to you in a valuable, emotional way that connects with you.

When you walk into a car dealership, at first you might be swayed by the shiny red car out on the floor, but after you get over that initial impression, what is going to impact whether or not there is a sale is what this car will offer you that will improve your life. Are the seats more comfortable? Is the gas mileage better? Can you fit two car seats in the back seat or your kayak in the trunk? Is it safer for your family?

In this day and age when consumers and business people are scrolling through their phone or their computer faster than ever before, you only have a few seconds to create engagement -- whether that be on social media, digital advertising, website content, or blogs. HOW you craft your copy and content is going to make all the difference on whether they choose to engage with your company or continue to scroll down to the one that shows up next in their feed.

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