Check out the mini-bar on steroids.

Let’s start with looks. The Fauchon mini-bar is a custom-designed piece of furniture from Roche-Bobois. You can order one for your home if you like — it’s on display at the furniture retailer’s Madison Avenue showroom — but what’s inside is even more spectacular.


The Gourmet Bar is truly a hotel mini-bar on steroids. Open its two main doors and inside is a world of Fauchon. Enjoy sweet or salty treats or a combination of both (they’ll ask you how you would like your Gourmet Bar customized prior to arrival) which are complimentary and re-stocked every other day during your stay. From foie gras and olive tapenade to cookies, crackers, and other gourmet delicacies, you’ll even find a bottle of champagne to toast your arrival in Paris (yes, that’s free too!). The contents of the Gourmet Bar are valued at approximately €165!


And what you don’t consume during your stay can be packed up for you to take home with you. It’s just Fauchon’s way of ensuring your palate is tantalized any moment of the day or night.