How the hotel delivers Fauchon's unique brand of hospitality.

Jerome Montanteme, General Manager, of the Fauchon L'Hotel Paris, created five key values which are the hallmark of operations at the hotel — and which he trains every employee to embody and be incredibly passionate about as they go through their day. His five values are:

  1. Be happy and make your guests happy.

  2. Create a special place where guests can come to celebrate the special moments of their lives.

  3. Deliver personalized service by discovering if a guest has come to the hotel/Paris to experience something specific or special they want to enjoy while in residence.

  4. Exhaust the senses through a variety of products to share with the guests including sound, music, scent, taste, touch, etc.

  5. Take the opportunity to be different and interact with a guest in ways they never expected.