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Jane has based her 20+ year career on managing the reputations of companies and people. Knowing how to respond to a situation is incredibly important for a company's bottom line. Knowing when to talk, how to speak, and what to say means the difference between diffusing a situation or escalating it to mission critical.

Monika D'Agostino

Monika is a noted Sales Authority in accelerating growth strategies.
As the Founder of the Consultative Sales Academy, she works with companies worldwide on the consultative sales process and developing successful strategies which lead to increased revenue.


The Coronavirus pandemic is like nothing we have ever seen before. Businesses across all industries are unexpectedly being hit HARD
and trying to determine how to best navigate unchartered waters.

Show Customers You Hear Them

Mindful Communications & Sales Is Mandatory

As a crisis communications professional, the key is in mindfully maintaining a dialogue with your customers. Share with them you understand their fears and concerns. Recognize the challenges they are currently facing. And do your best to help them find a solution versus creating an even greater problem.


While we are all going to face losses in the short term, how you react and move forward now and over the next few months is going to determine your recovery and your future brand health. Consumers have long memories. A lack of understanding and compassion now will determine future loyalty to your company or organization.


JC Communications is partnering with the Consultative Sales Academy to work with companies during this crisis on mindful communication, customer service, and selling strategies. The key is in maintaining a dialogue, listening with compassion, starting to create opportunities and mindfully engaging without pushing an agenda.


Please feel free to call upon us at any time during this crisis if you feel the need for assistance in how to best manage the process.

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