A nod to texture.

The Fauchon L'Hotel Paris resides in a classic Haussmanian-style building. From the moment one enters the hotel, they will notice texture. While the patterns and colors are bold and striking, they also present a very unique three-dimensional quality that is quite appealing and invites the visitor to reach out and touch everything. Smooth velvety chairs which have been designed to be reminiscent of macarons. Area rugs which have texture both in terms of the bold patterns and fabrics. Beads and balls and baubles hanging from the ceiling. Textures abound everywhere provoking guests to reach out and touch — including on the many fabulous layers of the croissant!!


It should be noted that Fauchon has developed a full set of original designs for furniture, lighting, paneling, carpeting, etc. The majority of the furniture in the rooms was designed by Atelier Paluel Marmont and will remain unique to Fauchon L’Hôtel